I started my comedy career at a very early age, imitating relatives and friends, putting on a show for whoever would watch. From 7th-12th grade I re-enacted Saturday Night Live sketches with my friends at the St.Peter's Catholic Church Youth group on Long Island, NY. I grew up in East Islip and still keep in touch with some of my cronies in the comedy "troop," Jay, Frank, and Tony. I did my first open mic at the age of 18 with my buddy Jay at Konkoma Komedy Club in Ronkonkoma, LI. We did great we brought 75% of the audience, and I was hooked. I kept notebook after notebook of every funny thing I thought may be a good bit. Oddly, I had stage fright through college at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

My passion for stand-up remained, I went to every live show I could and watched stand-up on TV religiously. When my family moved to Jacksonville, FL, I followed suit with the lure of a rent-free apartment above my parents garage yes I have since moved out.

It is in Jacksonville where my stand-up career really began. I attended a workshop at the Comedy Zone, right down the road from my house. This remains my home club and probably the stage where I feel most at home. I began performing at the open mics with great success. I soon became a house emcee, working whenever I could.

The owner of the Comedy Zone and Ramada Inn Fred Pozin, helped me, pushed me, teased me to no end to get out on the road and give up the day job. Fred was kind enough to give me a great reference to Heffron Talent, booker of all the Comedy Zone's.

Thus, I began my life as a comedian. Quiting my day job was hard, scary, refreshing, and liberating. With the support of my family, freinds, and you the audience I hope to make this a long and fruitful career.

Danny Johnson

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