Six years after being born in Latin America’s bustling, cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Danny, along with his parents and younger sister immigrated to San Francisco. Once established there, the Barbary Coast’s mid ‘60s liberal and easy-going lifestyle played a heavy influence, although a consistent diet of super-hero comic books also played a large role in Danny’s overall philosophy of life.

A portion of the 1980s was spent on the East Coast, where Danny enjoyed melting into New York City and Boston. Being an avid sports fan and athlete, Danny also created a popular humor column for his soccer league newsletter. Additional artistic endeavors include a comedy series on Public Access TV.

He also performs at a variety of comedy clubs in San Francisco and surrounding areas, in addition to various venues when he performs as the 3-D spectacled, caped character: “Blinky the Rock God”. Danny is also the co-star and one man orchestra of the popular Howard Stone Show. One of his unique talents which he performs on stage, consists of playing virtually any song, from Classical music to Rock ‘N Roll, by simply drumming his cheek using a No. 2 pencil.

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