After a successful career in television broadcasting, Danny Browning took a leap of faith into the world of stand-up comedy and hasn't looked back! Touring professionally in over 30 states, Danny has headlined shows at a wide variety of comedy clubs, colleges, and corporate functions. Using his laid back demeanor, Danny is able to find humor in many "real life" situations. The laughs come a mile a minute when Danny hits the stage!

While striving to write clean & original comedy, Danny has developed the unique ability to blend together the perfect balance of improv with his eccentric material. Whether just talking to the audience or performing his whimsical subject matter,
audiences always seem to enjoy his quick wit and offbeat sense of humor!
Danny Browning prides himself on his ability to make people laugh without working. However, don't let his Mid-Western charm fool you. Danny is always willing to talk about any matter how taboo.

It is his humor and unpredictability that assures you will have an unforgettable time at his show!

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