Dan Wilbur is a 10. That is, a 10 after adding up his three best features: Physique (3), Face (5), Personality (2).

Dan is a comedian, writer, and avid video game player living in Brooklyn, NY. He only eats fast food on weekends and occasionally exercises by accident (police, fire). He has read nearly half of nearly half of all the books he owns.

If you like Dan, even a little, it’s probably because you’ve seen his writing or you’re his parents. His writing is featured on Collegehumor.com, McSweeney's, the Onion News Network. He also is featured on video game sites like the-minusworld.com and Hardcasual.net, The Comedy Central Insider, Sandpapersuit.com, and TheApiary.org.

His stand-up was featured on the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival 2009 and 2010, The Cleveland Comedy Festival of 2009, “The Daily Show and Friends” at Comix, and Gorilla Late Night. Dan was also the recipient of William Paterson University’s “Funniest College Stand-up” award, and Ms. Purdy’s Punctuality Award (Grade 1) for excellence in punctuality.[1]

[1] Damn right.

Photo by Anya Garrett

Dan Wilbur


My Clips

5 stars
Eating a Banana Wrong

In this video, Dan takes a divisive hot-button issue: how to eat a banana.

5 stars
5 stars
Dead Friends on Facebook

Here are my Facebook jokes

5 stars
Barack Obama is Funnier Than I Am

Here's me talking about the first black president. He knows what you're thinking...

5 stars

Dan Wilbur talks about Netflix and how it's not real.

4 stars
5 stars
Mice and Video Games

From my latest set at Comic Strip Live!

5 stars
I met a famous person once

Bard College set from 2007

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