<p>Year: Junior<br/>

Major: BFA_Acting<br/>

Hometown: Hingham</p>

Dan Perrault


My Clips

3 stars
Tiger Woods' 911 Call

Tiger Woods is really, really bad at avoiding attention. A clip from Dan Perrault at the Broadway Comedy Club, intended for the Rooftop Comedy Talent Institute.

3 stars
Slow Speed Limit

A clip submission for the Rooftop Comedy Talent Institute. My town doesn't have speed limits ...

3 stars
3 stars
X-Mas Origins: Santa

From the creators of "Tom Hanks is James Bond," witness the origin of a legend.

3 stars
Art Test

It's hip to be square. Or a circle. Or a tiger.

3 stars
Beowulf Telemarketing

The legendary warrior attempts...his greatest challenge. Comcast.

3 stars
It's a Wonderful Life Sucks

What would really happen if everyone's favorite holiday hero was never born?

5 stars
3 stars
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