<P>I'm a comedy writer. I write comedy. Comedy, writing, me.<BR><BR>
I grew up in Auburndale, Kentucky, right on the city/county line of Louisville,
next to Iroquois park. we were half country, half big town. some people on the
street had goats, some didn't. Went to DeSales High School, University of Dayton,
then to University of Texas at Austin, ended up with a Ph.D. from University of
South Florida in Tampa, then gave all that up and become a comedy writer. Good choice, made I</P>

Dan French


My Clips

3 stars
Americans Have Always Loved Alcohol

Dan French knows we all love our drinky. For we are a nation of one.

3 stars
Arnold Made A Deal With The Devil

Dan French makes a good case for Arnold's charmed life.

3 stars

Dan French is not a cuddler.

3 stars
Morning People

Dan French doesn't understand early risers.

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