A founding member of the infamous Ding Ho Club (whose members include Steven Wright, Bobcat Goldthwait, Paula Poundstone and Denis Leary) Hazard went on to tour nearly all of North America, achieving near cult status along the way.

He can be seen in the award winning films Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, Bourbon and Cold Calls and has just wrapped shooting on 'Evie', 'Untied' and 'Muttnik'.

DJ Hazard


My Clips

5 stars
3 stars
What Does MILF Mean?

DJ Hazard just found out.

4 stars
Whale Songs

DJ Hazard gets the whales going.

4 stars
Bruce Springsteen

DJ Hazard channels the boss.

5 stars
The Life Of A Comic

DJ Hazard gives you an inside look into the comic's life.

5 stars
Celeb Pick 4 stars
5 stars
Staff Pick 4 stars
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