I grew up in Indiana, and I liked it there. I made a lot of friends, and had a great deal of fun, but it never really felt like home.

Now I live in New Jersey.

I like the East Coast. It’s not for everyone, but those of us it is for, can’t understand how it’s not. It’s like me being born in the Midwest was some Cosmic Practical Joke. If that’s what it was though, it’s okay…I got it…and it was very funny.

When I was little I thought clowns were a race of people.

Being funny is what I want to do when I grow up. I read too much, but never when I’m going to be driving. I love people. I find them fascinating. I only like a few of them in practice, but in theory, they’re amazing.

I’d like to know everything, I’d hate for people to think I think I do.

I hope to someday be a decent human being.

DJ Dangler

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