Cris Lehman is a former improvisational actor turned comedian. Since coming to stand-up, he has worked with the likes of every other comedian, and every other comedians friend, including relatives that may no longer be living or speaking. He’s that good.

Cris currently resides in Dallas, TX, and has also been on every TV show, every cartoon, and every commerical voice-over or otherwise, since the dawn of such things.

Cris comes from a hispanic mother, and an Irish father, giving him a long life full of drug addiction and alcoholism to look forward to. His many adventures while inebriated have led him to perform for world leaders, University Presidents, and his neighbor’s dog, Charlie.

Cris’s comedy mix of stoner adventures, relationships gone awry, and awkward childhood experiences, have created a unique comedy style that has both been done before, and is yet to be done. He has personally tutored the likes of most comedians you’ve ever heard of, and will be donned as the greatest comic you’ll never see. Needless to say, his show is worth checking out.

Cris Lehman
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