Cory has never been one to take the conventional route. After military service, four years of college, and a stint as a glorified cabana boy at a tropical resort, he made his way to Tokyo. Instead of waiting until he finished his travels to fulfill his lifelong aspiration of becoming a Stand-up comedian, he decided to just start where he was. He soon joined the Tokyo Comedy Store, quickly became a regular and began performing at venues throughout the city before moving to New York to become a full time comedian.
Cory, a naturally upbeat and energetic person, uses his geekish charm, and draws upon his varied background and experience both at home and abroad to create material which is accessible and relevant, yet original. Not long after moving to New York City, Cory received glowing praise from club owner Al Martin, and was one of a select few comics passed that year at the New York and Broadway Comedy Club. He performed in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and most recently was chosen as Broadway Comedy Club’s “Comedian of the Week.”

Cory is currently a regular host for “New York’s Best Emerging Comedian Championship,” and hosted this year’s annual “Go-Go Curry Eating Competition.” He has written for Reader’s Digest, “Best Week Ever” Producer Fred Graver’s iPhone App “This Just In,” has had several articles published on various websites, and has written sketches for national syndicated radio. He has also appeared in a Japanese national Diet Coke commercial.

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