Conrad's degree in Theatre gives a burst of energy and emotion to every performance that makes guys want to buy him drinks and girls instantly fall in love. His young, unique view of the world is something that he wished everyone would have; Have fun, and don’t let things get to you. Conrad is a very optimistic, playfully depressed comic. He’s not afraid to lead the audience across “the line,” and throw a party on the other side. Nothing is out of Conrad’s realm of topics, and his likability allows him to get away with things most can not, not to mention he’s so damn cute. He’s rarely caught being serious, and don't worry about him stealing your girl. He's comedy.

He performed at the 2014 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, NV. Conrad has opened for Dave Coulier, Taylor Williamson, Iliza Shlesinger, Ritch Shydner, David Koechner, Paul Resier, and more.

Conrad Bromberek
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