Born in Texas. Raised in Kentucky. Public school, private school, Catholic school, military school. Stand-up is something I started doing on a regular basis in early 2009. I think I'll keep doing it for a while. Then quit. And then start doing it again when my wife dies.

Coleman Larkin

My Clips

3 stars
The Reading

You are cordially invited to a formal reading of some very terrible poetry. Support the arts!

3 stars
Just Like The Old Country

Why buy what you can make yourself?

5 stars
Do-It-Yourself Plumbing with David Lynch

Director David Lynch teaches you how to fix a simple kitchen sink leak while navigating a labyrinthine metaphor of the collective mindscape en route to total transcendence.

5 stars
It Defies the Laws of Physics

It defies the laws of physics? No. I'm afraid it does not.

4 stars
The Grease Treatment

Shedding some light on the brainwashing motives behind mandatory Grease screenings in American high schools.

4 stars
Cut the shit, NASA

NASA needs to come clean about the status of outer space sex experimentation.

5 stars
Hello, I'm Paul Harvey

In retrospect, Paul Harvey probably wasn't the best choice for a Bose Wave Radio spokesman.

5 stars
I Hate Waterparks

I try to stay away from waterparks for what I consider to be a very logical reason.

4 stars
"Country Style"

"Country Style" might be an unnecessary adjective for some products.

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