Another fine product from the birthplace of Art Modell, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the worlds first flammable river...It's the "Dazzling Suburbanite Humor of Ohio's Native Son: William "CLEVELAND" Jackson.

Inspirational? No. Role Model? Not even close. Entertaining? Well, yeah if you got that kind of time. "I started doing stand up on the second Tuesday in March of 97 and I don't think I want to do anything else".

Browns Town Native, United States Paratrooper, Ex Trucker, Strip Club DJ and failed Radio Talk Show host "Cleveland" stirs a mixture of life with common sense views, the beauty of "Clashing Cultures" and a few interpretive dance steps it keeps the Endowment for the Arts checks rolling in into a "Ditch-Digger-meets Dignitary" show that is sure to entertain, if not improve your golf handicap. "The road has been great to me, the places I've been, the people that I've met out there, worked with, I really feel blessed"

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