Why do I do comedy?

Because I absolutely love it. I love being entertained by laughter. Laughing is literally my favorite thing to do. I enjoy laughing every single day. And at some poing in my life, I realized that I enjoyed making people feel the way I felt.

I always had so much fun making people laugh. I never considered myself to be a class clown. I never thought I was overly silly or desperately needed attention, but school was definitely where it started. I remember so clearly one day in high school. I was in Math class my senior year and my teacher Ms. Silverberg was telling the class a story about her childhood. It was a silly story and i don't remember the details, but during she mentioned that she had gotten stuck in a closet and she was very frightened. I totally interrupted her story and said, "So....how long did it take you to come out of the closet?"

Every single person in the classroom laughed. I really felt like that moment changed my life. It was just like getting laughs in a comedy club. It was kind of a corny moment, bu that moment is so glorified in my memory. I can still hear the echo of those laughs....lol

Christian Polanco


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