Chris Trew is an Austin-based performer who does live improv, sketch and stand-up comedy as well as several film and music projects with in Los Angeles. He also operates The New Movement in Austin and New Orleans.

Chris Trew

My Clips

3 stars
OOB - Terp Perfume

Chris Trew markets his new cologne for women.

3 stars
Could it get any worse?

In the first episode of this web series, Ben Tuntleston tries to open up his very own sweets shop.

3 stars
Kids News - Nevermind

An interactive show where kids in a classroom are linked up via satellite to grown ups on the street.

3 stars
Kids News - Hygiene

An interactive show where kids are linked up via satellite to grown ups living in the outside world.

3 stars
Outback Chronicles

A video interpretation of an Outback Steakhouse review on Epinions.

4 stars
Drunk campus college tour audition tape

Chris Trew auditions for the Drunk Campus College stand-up comedy tour.

4 stars
Chris Trew at the SS "Dawn Marie" cruiselines

Material that people on the SS "Dawn Marie" can relate to.

5 stars
Uncle Terry

Uncle Terry's nephew is subject to Terry's questions about his sex life.

3 stars
Chris Trew at the Del-Com Corporate Conference

Chris Trew graces the Del-Com Corporate Conference with comedy about cell phones and family.

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