What is your favorite comedy style: storyteller or one-liners? If you said both, Chris Strait is your kind of comic. Imagine a series of quick stories and current events, with punchlines along the way... and you kind of have an idea of what an hour with Chris Strait is like. Strait grew up in a traditional middle-class white family in Los Angeles, where he eventually received a bachelor's degree in history, followed by a masters degree in psychology."Don't get revenge against your parents in a way that messes up your life. Just let them pay for 7 years of college, then become a stand-up comedian!"

Strait became enamored with the art of stand-up comedy at an early age, however fate would have to wait for middle-class obligations. Chris had to fail at many jobs before the right one was attempted. A partial list: Door-to-Door Salesman, Telemarketer, Stock Clerk, Window Washer, Behavior Therapist, Financial Advisor, and Amateur Boxer. "Unless you're in a pie-eating contest, marijuana is NOT a performance-enhancing drug!"

Strait has been referred to as a "comic encyclopedia" as well as a social commentator. Everyone is fair game for his sarcastic observations... especially himself! Strait headlines at clubs, colleges, and private events all over the country. He has also performed in England, Canada, and Mexico, in addition to being a finalist in the 2005 Las Vegas Comedy Festival. Some of his many credits include MTV, Game Show Network, and National Lampoon's 'Lost Reality 2'

Chris Strait

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