Every once in a blue moon, an aspiring comedian takes the scene by storm, and becomes a success overnight. Chris Keimling is not one of those people. He’s paid his dues the hard way, seeking stage time and staging shows in bars, coffeeshops, and restaurants. He earned his chops hosting many times at Austin’s prestigious Cap City Comedy Club as well as the Velveeta Room, a venue with a proud reputation as being one of the toughest clubs in the country. In December 2006, after several feature appearances, he headlined there for the first time, closing the show as Klaus Schicklgruber, a character who made his national debut on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, season 2. Klaus also appeared on season 4, and in the promotional ads for both seasons. Although he has a penchant for alter-egos, the majority of Keimling’s material consists of traditional stand-up. He delivers well-honed routines with energy, likeability, intense act-outs, deft crowd interaction, and an avoidance of graphic raunch and unclever vulgarity.

Chris Keimling

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