Chris Hegedus pronounced hegg-a-DIS is a young, witty, and hard working comedian who simply loves the art of performing with his mind and a microphone.

An only child and product of a divorced family, Chris had plenty of time left to his own imagination. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Chris has always enjoyed performing for an audience. Whether his crowd was his family, friends, classmates, or complete strangers; he relished being the center of attention. After graduating from Miami University with a business degree in 2000, Chris set his sites on taking over the corporate world with a career in banking. Banking sucked and Chris learned that the corporate culture would not be rewarding. At the urging of some friends, Chris decided to follow something closer to his childhood and took a stab at performing.

On stage, he personifies characteristics given to him by all three of his parents: sharp sarcasm from his father, an aloof playfulness from his mother, and a dash of sensibility and common sense from his stepmother. In the last few years, Chris has challenged his act to grow more political and purpose-driven.

Clever, fresh, and funny. Chris Hegedus is edgy but not vulgar and young but still universal unless in front of a crowd of 250 ninety-five year olds at a yacht club in Illinois, but that’s a different story…. Whether he is speaking on current culture, his own personal experiences, or just everyday life; Chris Hegedus just wants everyone to laugh, love, and enjoy the moment…

Chris Hegedus thinks you should book him. He promises to be hilarious, professional, and kind to all!

Chris Hegedus thinks Flo from the Progressive TV ads is hot. He currently resides in a 3rd floor studio/converted attic with his two cats, Inky and Gustav.

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