What can be said about Chris Gay? Yes, Chris Gay is his real name. If there is any question as to why he became a comedian, just look at his last name, that says it all. Chris grew up in a small town right outside of Gainesville, FL. He was the baby of four siblings and had to quickly learn to defend himself, physically and more importantly verbally. The best ten years of his life were spent getting his degree at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Most people who go to school for that long come out with aspirations of being a doctor. Chris came out not really knowing what he wanted to do. He worked several different jobs until one night he decided to try what had been a dream of his since childhood, stand up comedy. At Atlantic Theatres in Atlantic Beach, FL, Chris threw his name in the hat for a one in 15 chance of taking the stage at an open mic night. As fates would have it, he was selected. Hearing the audience laugh at his jokes, was a feeling unlike any he had ever had. Now, Chris Gay performs at comedy clubs, corporate events, colleges, and charity events all over the United States. Any and every crowd can relate to his material, which includes the topics as family, being a godfather, relationships, driving, and a wide variety of other observations on people and life.

Chris Gay

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