What are the odds that Chris "BIG GUY" Anderson will make it as a Comedian....? Fat Chance! Since birth, he has been driven. Pretty much everywhere. Then when he arrives, and steps on the scene, It is Flattened like a Penny on a railroad track! He really is a "BIG GUY." I have seen him with his shirt off and he is Ripped! Stretchmarks are rips right? He works freeway off ramps for spare change, and if you saw him holding a sign that said "will work for food." You would believe IT! He was born, He has lived some, and plans on living more. In a recent interview at Burger King he was quoted as saying "I'm the King!" He did not get the job. This man does not have the capacity to learn. He is an ordained minister and performs weddings and funerals. He needs help, and he needs it from you. He says 20 bucks should cover it. As a young man he played football and was a hero. Now he plays the new Madden and eats heros. He has truly come full circle and If He knew you were still reading this, he would be amazed. Then, he would drink a glass of milk, and go back to sleep.

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