Upcoming coming comic/writer from Rochester, NY now living in Dayton, Chris Alan got his start in comedy in Las Vegas in 2008 and hasn't looked back since. His unique life experiences of growing up in the inner city, attending private schools, his time serving in the military, being a husband, father and brother has given him an ability to connect to any crowd he steps in front of. His quick wit and snappy comebacks weaved into his hilarious material make for a different show each time he gets on stage.


2012 Winner of the Dayton Funnybone's Clash of the Comics "Funniest Person in Dayton"

He has worked with talents such as: Finesse Mitchell, Steve Trevino, Guy Torry, John Henton, Nick Thune, Ben Kronberg, Gary Owen, Roy Wood Jr, and one his all-time favorites and mentor Vince Morris.

Jesters (2013 ReelmProductions) "self"
Spades (2013 Loud FamilyProductions) played "Thug 1"


Chris Alan


My Clips

3 stars
Don't Want To Live Back In The Day

Chris Alan and his wife are both glad they don't live in the 1960s, but for entirely different reasons.

5 stars
The Different Kid

Chris Alan has always been an individual even in the face of urban peril.

3 stars
Hero, Not Gangsta

Chris Alan is pretty tough...When it comes to shopping for salad dressing.

3 stars
Bullies and Glasses

Chris Alan had a very creative father who taught Chris the value of Croakies.

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