Ninja, please! You haven't smelled "what 'THE WOK' is cookin'!?" yet?

"The Austin Chronicle best describes KiDWoK, Texas-based comedian: “He’s a rockstar trapped in a comic’s body, and watching him try to get out will make your little belly hurt from laughter!”

Fresh off of his one man show at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Mark’s show is a mixture of stand-up comedy flawlessly infused with the execution of dead-on celebrity and acapella music impressions Aerosmith, ACDC, Matchbox 20, Nickelback, etc..

He has several national television appearances under his belt including A&E’s “Evening At The Improv”, and VH1’s “Rock N Roll Celebrity Poker Tournament”, and Pokerstar.net "Million Dollar Challenge" on FOX. Mark's voice can be heard as seven characters on the cartoon “Dragon Ball Z” !

He’s appeared over 10 times on the nationally syndicated “Bob & Tom Morning Radio Show” and has had his own one hour special aired on XM Satellite.

With a HUGE underground following of NINJAZ how he refers to his fans, Mark is on the brink of becoming an industry "overnight success" 25 years training Are YOU ready to become an official "NINJA" and "smell what 'THE WOK' is cookin'?"?

Mark (KiDWoK) Britten (formerly Chinaman)

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