My Life's Influences.

JESUS, for taking on the world's worst hecklers so I would never have to.
My Mom, for her strange yet loving assessment of life, love and people in general.
My Dad, for his wit and sarcasm that is always on cue and never disappoints.
My brothers Billy and Jimi. The former for teaching me that a good time should never be limited by the lack of imagination of those around you. The later for showing me that being a responsible family man does not rob you of your personality, it adds to your character.
My sister Janette, for being an example of what a single parent CAN accomplish on her own, by providing for her child without loosing the ability to laugh at herself.
My son Ty, who's childhood I squandered but now I'm blessed to know him as an amazing man.
Finally, second only to God, my daughter Devin, because at the end of the day her laugh and giggle is the only one that really matters.


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