Cathleen Carr, along with Daiva Deupree, are Two Girls For Five Bucks, a critically acclaimed and widely celebrated two-woman comedy burlesque that takes the audience on a hilarious romp of loneliness, insecurity, and desperation. The titular two have been featured at comedy festivals across the country, including the LA Comedy Fest and SketchFest NYC. They can be seen monthly at New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Carr and Deupree, with their provocative on-stage chemistry, are adept at portraying devastatingly comical ladies frantically trying to make their way through the world. Appealing for everyone, the Boston Metro says, "Unlike most of the female-oriented fare we've seen, this show is at least as much fun for men as it is for women." Weaving their sketches, stories, and songs into a cozy quilt of delightful shame, Two Girls For Five Bucks makes falling out of love sexy...again.

Cathleen Carr
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