Caleb Synan's act is a deceptively smart blend of Southern charm and razor sharp wit. His instant likability and absurd view of the world has led him to appearances on NBCÃ?'s Last Comic Standing, Montreal's Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and The Bob and Tom Radio Show. He also won "Wittiest" in Franklin County High School's 2009 Yearbook. And he's a pretty nice guy.

Caleb Synan

My Clips

3 stars
Job Creation

Caleb Synan talks about a discussion he had with a friend about murderers.

3 stars
Loud Neighbors

Caleb Synan has a very sexually active couple living in the apartment next door.

3 stars
5 stars
3 stars
3 stars
My Dad's A Preacher

Caleb Synan's father is a preacher, and sometimes his sermons can go from holy to hilarious.

3 stars
Love My Dad

Caleb Synan loves his dad, but doesn't get how he's made it so far in life without learning how to use his phone.

5 stars
Racist Elementary School

Caleb Synan didn't even know he was being racist.

5 stars
Ignorance from Homeschooling

Caleb Synan is a product of homeschooling.

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