Brian's a natural born smart-ass and a comic legend in his own mind. Born to conservative midwesterners, he lived all over the country during his youth due to his father's occupation in the F.B.I. Always trying to fit in, he used humor and his natural wit to usually alienate himself from the locals. His wife constantly asked him questions like, "Do you think you're funny?" and "Am I supposed to laugh at that?" so often he thought he should performing for the general public.

Brian Supan

My Clips

4 stars
Texting vs. Drinking While Driving

Brian Supan's take on the texting vs. driving drunk.

4 stars
Fast Cars and Little Pricks

Brian explains how women look at guys with fancy cars and how they are making up for "short"comings.

4 stars
The Kobe Bryant Collection

Brian tells the ladies that the only reason guys buy jewelry is to get into their pants or out of the dog house, so jewelry stores should have specific sections.

4 stars
"Honest" Opinions

Brian talks about women who want his honest opinion about their diamond rings.

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