Dr Brian, a.k.a. “Dr. B”, a.k.a. “DrG”, has led many research projects, written papers, and presented at national conferences regarding his research on s-e-x. Hell, they even let him teach college a few times. He is not a therapist or counselor, but he is an opinionated smart-ass with regular access to a computer. He is also a fan of hip-hop, vodka martinis, and girls that wear skirts in the winter.

His advice is intended for entertainment purposes only and is probably not very good anyway. His interviews are even worse.

Dr Brian


My Clips

3 stars
Roadtrip Riffing

A free-form set based starting with the recent decision to uphold prop 8, an audience member's roadtrip to Harry Potter books on tape and ending with a desperate need to go to the bathroom.

4 stars
Mom's Anal Sex

Dr Brian recounts his years of anal sex conversations with his mother

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