Brian Dunkleman, born 1971 in Ellicottville, New York, is a comedian/actor who is best known for co-hosting
the first season of "American Idol" with Ryan Seacrest.

Never happy with his role as a
co-host, he described it as being like a "talking monkey." American Idol producers were not happy with his
performance, and he parted ways with the show after the first season. He has since appeared on
"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", had a recurring guest role on "Two Guys and a Girl", played a stand-up
comic suspected of murder in "NYPD Blue", voiced himself in an episode of "The Proud Family", in which
the show parodied American Idol, did voices for the animated "3 South", and is acting in an independent
film called "Comedy Hell." He also had a small role on an episode of "Friends" as the man who buys
the engagement ring Chandler wants to buy Monica. He recently was a co-host with Eric the Midget on
"The Idol Re-cap Show" on Sirius' Howard 101.

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