Brenden Bowman lives the American dream, a couch, a 42” plasma tv, and pizza on speed dial. If it weren’t for the flashbacks before he could walk, he might not be on parole still. You can find Brenden performing at the Improv in Los Angeles, The Ice House in Pasadena, The Comedy Store In Hollywood, and also frequenting comedy clubs from Sacramento to Boston. Brenden Found his way onto the comedy stage after dabbling in animation and commercial voice over and found that was not the way to grow up to become a cartoon character. This was after Brenden was forced to leave radio due to a couple cease and desist orders, and the Mohawk incident at the country station. To the displeasure of his roommate, the cat, Brenden has been fairly successful on the road. With a mild case of schizophrenia it makes lonely hotel rooms and long plane rides seem like a party.

Brenden Bowman
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