Bearded, lanky, and with a quavering voice that perfectly matches his playfully angry demeanor, Brad Thacker is just the sort of rock n’ roll antihero that comedy has been hunting for. Born and raised in dreary Lawrenceburg, IN, Brad could have easily followed a meaningless path and become the quintessential small town burnout. Instead, he found his escape through heavy metal and stand-up comedy, created a rock-influenced act that mixes personal revelations with social commentary and earned himself the opportunity to work with legendary performers like Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, and Dave Chappelle. Always willing to assist those in need, Brad regularly sets up fundraising shows to benefit local charities and social causes, including his longtime efforts to help free the West Memphis Three. His radio broadcasting degree was put to good use when he co-hosted “The Openers,” which aired for several years on Cincinnati, OH’s popular WAIF FM. However, it’s likely that none of Brad’s radio experiences prepared him for the all-out insanity he faced when touring the country with Beetlejuice, The Iron Sheik, and the rest of Howard Stern’s “Killers of Comedy.” It’s often said that comedians wish they were musicians. Someday soon, musicians will wish they were Brad Thacker.

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