Brad Scott

My Clips

3 stars
Best Buy Customer Service

Brad Scott wasn't very good at customer service.

3 stars
Got Fired From Best Buy

Brad Scott was fired by Best Buy

5 stars
My Daughters 2 Favorite jokes

Brad Scott is killing it in the clubs and at home as well.

5 stars
Our New Wienerdog

Brad Scott loves his wiener.

5 stars
Adorable and Creepy

Brad Scott, is it possible to be both adorable and creepy at the same time?

5 stars
Take a Joke

Brad Scott is almost certainly a Woody Harrelson fan.

5 stars
5 stars
Harper's Rules

Brad Scott might get lonely if he didn't have such an awesome, smart daughter.

3 stars
90s Music

Brad Scott has got to get his in a big black truck. You can get yours in a 6-4.

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