Since 1993, Boom Chicago has mixed sharp writing, quick thinking and high production values to create funny shows and videos. Boom Chicago performs nightly in Amsterdam and at theaters, festivals and corporate events all over the world. From our production studios, we create video content for broadcast, broadband and mobile.

See our famous multi-media improvisation show live at the 300-seat Leidseplein Theater in Amsterdam.<br>
Writers/Performers: <br>
Rob Andrist-Plourde, Greg Shapiro,Tarik Davis, Jim Woods, Amber Ruffin, Dan Oster, Michael Orton-Toliver<br>
Directors/Editor: <br>
Becky Nelson, Matt Chapman, Jamie Wright, Jim Woods<br>
Executive Producers: <br>
Andrew Moskos and Jon Rosenfield

Boom Chicago

My Clips

3 stars
H.D. News : Mar. 12, 08

A Lie, a Truth, and A Truer Truth! Campaign financing edition!

3 stars
H.D. News : Mar. 05, 08

Highly Dubious News takes a look at the Democratic primary, and the whole racism vs. sexism thing.

3 stars
H.D. News : Mar. 03, 08

What would have to happen for Obama not to win the primary? We find out.

3 stars
H.D. News : Feb. 29, 08

The primaries: who's still in it, and more importantly, why?

3 stars
H.D. News : Feb. 27, 08

The election race heats up. So do London's transport woes, and also stuff happening in outer space!!

3 stars
H.D. News : Feb. 20, 08

Highly dubious news for February 20th, 2008. Let's talk economy! Let's talk baseball! Let's talk cloned meat!

3 stars
H.D. News : Feb. 18, 08

Elections in Pakistan, murder plots, and the Democratic Primaries ramble on.

3 stars
H.D. News : Feb. 15, 08

HDN explains the ridiculousness that is the caucuses.

3 stars
H.D. News : Feb. 13, 08

Obama-mania! Everybody freak out!

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