Billy Willy is a gifted yet troubled Country & Western performer and storyteller. Billy grew up the child of evangelical ministers in rolling hills of wild and wonderful West Virginia. His influences range from beloved country music stars to misconstrued conceptual artists.

Billy is currently on tour supporting his debut recording, Je m'appelle Billy Willy, which has failed to chart.

Billy Willy
3 stars

My Clips

3 stars
Oops!... I Did It Again

Billy Willy covers a classic pop song he wrote himself.

5 stars
Mike Dewine's Ice Cream Social

Billy Willy performs at Republican Mike Dewine's Ice Cream Social and it doesn't go "very well."

3 stars
An Extra in Brokeback Mountain

Billy Willy shares his sordid vitae with an unfamiliar audience member.

3 stars
Billy Willy's Face-work

Billy Willy considers face-work but remembers a warning from his dear friend, Kenny Rogers.

4 stars
Crouching Billy, Hidden Willy

Billy Willy returns from a triumphant tour of China.

5 stars
"I'm black, too."

Billy Willy reflects on Martin Luther King Day.

4 stars
The Amish love Billy Willy

Billy Willy plays a private birthday party for an Amish girl named Paris Yoder.

5 stars
Billy Willy tells a dirty joke.

Billy Willy tells a street joke.

4 stars
Electric Boogie

Billy Willy performs the Marcia Griffiths classic.

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