Born in Texas and raised in Augusta, Georgia - Billy Anderson is currently a stand-up comedy orphan living in the city of Seattle, Washington. He's been seen regionally at SketchFest Seattle, The Washington Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot and was a semi-finalist in the 35th annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. Outside of the Pacific Northwest, Billy has written for Cracked.Com, performed in the Redwood Comedy Festival, LaLaFest Los Angeles and as of 2013 he has performed stand-up comedy in every US state.

Canada, you're next.

Billy Anderson

My Clips

5 stars
Peer Pressure

Billy Anderson wonders why his friends always want him to do things that are terrible for him.

5 stars
Losing Weight

Billy Anderson has lost over a hundred pounds.

5 stars
Living With Someone Else's Dog

Billy Anderson lives with a dog that's not his.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Bible Stress

Billy Anderson questions the advice of his religious friends.

5 stars
My Studio Apartment

Billy Anderson has some thoughts on his home.

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