<P>Bill Squire just likes to make people laugh. When he was 6 years old he fell on a wooden deck and broke his arm. Everyone had a good laugh. I guess you could say he was bitten by the comedy bug at a very early age.</P>

Bill Squire


My Clips

4 stars
5 stars
5 stars
3 stars
Canker Sore

Bill Squire is ready to negotiate.

5 stars
I Hate Math

Bill Squire does not understand the laws of math.

5 stars
The Married Life

Cosmo is ruining Bill Squire's marriage.

5 stars
Dealing with Bill Collectors

Bill Squire is tired of bill collectors. So he found a loophole.

5 stars
Just a Holiday

Bill and Bill create a new religion and a new holiday to go with it.

5 stars
Just a Bill - Just Exercising

Bill decides Bill needs to get into shape.

4 stars
Just a Meeting

Comedian Bill Squire created a web series based on the duality of his own personality. In this episode Bill talks to Bill about being more professional.

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