Bill Cool is a smart… and silly, writer and humorist. You see, smart isn't funny, and silly... is just silly unless you're Jim Carrey. But smart + silly = comedy. Bill currently writes monologue material for late night television shows. He started his entertainment career as the stunt-double/autograph signer for Scott Baio, but was fired after signing his name "Scot Bayoh" on hundreds of 8x10's and several cleavages before the mistake was discovered. Bill has worked next to many A-list celebrities during his career, most of them at Ralphs in Malibu where he "worked" as a bag-boy when they came through his line. Bill is an avid golfer with a handicap of 2; He could kick Michael J. Fox's ass in golf... I mean it wouldn't even be close. Bill's favorite color is blue, and he loves talking about himself in the third person. He was born in Miami and currently resides half of the year in Florida and the other half somewhere cooler.

Bill Cool
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