Hitting the high notes since October 2004, the Big Game Hunters is an LA-based sketch comedy troupe with irreverence for everything.

Big Game Hunters


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4 stars
Sup Bra

The Big Game Hunters present a tale of two titties. Directed & Edited by Brad Schulz Featuring Eva Marcus and Natalie Bolton of SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA

4 stars
Muslim Dog

The Big Game Hunters present the cutest little racist joke you've ever seen! Directed by Zack Kahn Featuring Norman Levin as Mohammed Edited by Alex Volz Super special thanks to Ari Levin & a Friendly Man: Adam Battaglia

5 stars
Gay Chicken

The Big Game Hunters present a cock-etition of wits and willies. Featuring Ashley Roberts and Harrison Ford. Directed by Scott Brown. Camera by David Morrison. Featuring "The Whale" by a-rest and "Clockwork - N.O.A.C." by FoX66.

5 stars
Best Chatroulette video EVER!

Parents shouldn't be allowed to use the Internet. http://www.bghcomedy.com

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