I'm funny, and charming, and beautiful, and captivting, and amazing, and REALLY FUNNY, and vivcious, and engaging, and electric, I'm electric, and sunny, and brite, like a breath of fresh air, and healing, I can heal, with my presence I can heal, maybe even cancer, or herpies, the bad kind, and I'm honest, and true, like an enchanted being, and I can fly, I keep it secret but I can, and I sing, like an angel, the sound of my voice brings light to the soul of mankind, and I can play ping pong, really well, I mean REALLY well, it's like a zen experience to watch, and I have a skip in my step, and the wind dances at me feet, just because it likes me, and when it rains the drops part so that I can walk through, and the moon at night shines directly on me, lighting my way, and this enables the world to see my beauty, even at night, and most of all, my greatest quality of all... modesty

Bethany Therese

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