"No such flies on headliner Bernadette Pauley, however. The latest in a summer of American imports to Edinburgh, Pauley’s flawless confidence and no-bullshit attitude make her a sharp, polished performer. Her ability to flit from charming anecdote to viciously biting punchline at a moment’s notice makes her a fascinatingly unpredictable comedian; an animated, emotive spectacle with an innate sense of where the laughs are."
Marcus Kerhohan
- The Journal Edinburgh, Scotland
September 14, 2010

“Her comedy is daring, blunt, honest and hilarious. It is no wonder this comedian is adored at comedy clubs and college campuses."-Amanda Chicoli, The Brooklyn Excelsior.

“The audience exploded with laughter at her every sentence.”- The Comedy Central Insider

Bernadette Pauley currently co-hosts THE GOSSIP QUEENS airing on Logo and in syndication nationally M-Friday. TV credits include FOX, Comedy Central, BBC, VH-1,MTV, Comics Unleashed etc. and working for Film director Andy Tennant. She headlines Colleges, Casinos, Clubs and theaters and does tons of radio and local TV when touring.

Bernie was born and raised in Revere, MA, an Irish Catholic Boston neighborhood. If you're not familiar with the area, see the movies Gone Baby Gone and Goodwill hunting. The daughter of a cabdriver and union steward, how could she be anything BUT funny? After graduating Emerson College with a B.A. she moved to NYC and began paying off her education and building an acting resume. Her crappy job resume grew much faster than her acting one. She added paralegal lasted one day, waitress, bartender, bathroom attendant, coat check girl, cigarette girl and dogwalker to her list which already included working at Wonderland dog track, Suffolk Downs racetrack and supermarket cashier. She has spent years trying to figure out where she really belongs: in Blue Collar Revere or Beverly Hills. The answer is both. And neither.
For press, clips, full resume, etc. on Bernadette check out her website: www.BernadettePauley.com.

Bernadette Pauley

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