Beef & Sage is a comedy production team from Austin, Tx.

Beef & Sage

My Clips

3 stars
Brobies Sell Out

Jealous of their friend Jimmy the E-Trade baby, a pair of adorable infants discuss selling out.

Staff Pick 5 stars
Lifetime Original: Vampons

The story of a confused tween vampire and her struggles with her ever-changing body coupled with the pressures of modern day society.

3 stars
The Beard

Beef and Sage attempts their most ambitious project to date...A touching biopic based on the life and times of the late, great Lieutenant Fork Parker Sr. But something goes terribly wrong...

Staff Pick 5 stars

It's normal for two dudes to lay out together right?

5 stars
Strike Force Assassination Squad

Assassinations now available for half price!

4 stars
Egg Nog

A lot can happen in the process of putting up the Christmas lights. Check out more comical vidjas at

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