The Beards:

Joe Zimmerman hails from Charlotte, NC where he was named Charlotte's Best Stand-Up Comedian by Creative Loafing Magazine. Joe has hosted the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival since its inception, and was recently invited to the 2009 NC Comedy Arts Festival, in Chapel Hill.

Andy Sandford makes his home in Atlanta, where he headlines many of the premier alternative venues, including The Warren City Club, The Highland Inn Ballroom, the Star Bar, and the Relapse Theater.

TJ Young has made his name in Athens, GA, as the founder of Loft Comedy, and winner of Rooftop Comedy's coveted Rusty Nail Award. This past summer, TJ was invited to the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival where he was given the festivals highest honor of "Stand-Out Stand-Up."

Dave Stone is a road warrior based just north of Atlanta. He has taken his bearded comedy as far away as London, Sweden, and even South America, where he has created a strong Chilean fan base, thanks to his ability to perform in several different languages. Don't believe it? Check him out for yourself...

Together, we are the "Beards of Comedy," and we will find you.

The Beards of Comedy
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