Band of 1000 Names is:

Steve O Harvey, an accomplished Shakespearean playwright. A filibustering philanthropist of well over 1000 dollars. Partial to lakefront property and late night oversleeping.
Anne Axelrod, a big fan of right-clicking the mouse. Crafty as a fox. A sofa philosopher. Weirdly influenced by a certain Al Yankovic in her formative years, she is in the process of fulfilling her lifelong dream of cross-country train travel.

Justin Foster, a ruffian of the the proudest sort. A lasso wielding axemaster, known in many circles as the executioner of fantasy baseball commissioners. After conquering the world of academics veejay J-Stoke, as he is known has moved on dominate the realms outside of the ivory tower.

Ann Huggins, a Florida Cracker of the finest breeding. A world traveling exotic bird dealer. A mother of two...cats. Ann is the kidneys and renal system of the band. Without her The Band of 1000 Names would quickly die if it were not put on dialysis.

Brian Markey, a Northeastern elitist. A champion parallel parker. A fun-loving and functional caffiene addict. Brian is a veteran of the Chicago-area jug band circuit. He holds a masters degree in Bulgarian folk dancing. He is not one to back down from a thumb-wrestling challenge.

Mike Olson, a rocker of the Casbah. A Bostonian at heart. A walking stick enthusiast. Molson Golden, as he is know as north of the border has been wowing audiences with his transcendental cage wrestling displays since he was three years old. A night on the town with Mike will normally consist of martinis and peanut butter, followed by a coffee house debate forum.

Band Of 1000 Names
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