I 've been doing stand-up comedy for about 2 years now. I can remmeber telling somebody when i was a kid that i wanted to do stand-up. The advice i was given was to make sure i had a day job. Well i've got a day job and some life experiences under my belt. In the end i see comedy as something i'll be able to do for the rest of my life. I live in Vacaville Ca and hit the local comedy club Pepperbellies in Fairfield Ca on a weekly basis.

B.A. Hunter


My Clips

3 stars
Pretty people

Bay area comic B.A. Hunter talks about the benefits of being good looking

3 stars
pot calling the kettle black

Pot is accused of being a rasist.

3 stars
Admit it

B.A. Hunter comes clean on things he's done in the past

3 stars
How does that shit taste ?

A discussion about what farts are and how to share them.

3 stars
football drinks chips and more

two guys get into a fight while watching a game.

3 stars
Press confrences and thanking people

B.A. Hunter talks about the press confrences.

5 stars
cats leave

B.A. Hunter talks about his love of cats

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