Ash Louis is an award-winning writer and comedian best known for creating and writing the animated comedy pilot "The Dangerous Wanderings of C. Philip Montgomery", which was named an Official Selection at the 2012 New York Television Festival, and winning Best TV Pilot - 3rd Place at the 2013 London Film Awards for "Department 4-10".

Starting his career in New York as a comedian, Ash headlined and hosted at some of the most well-known comedy shows and venues in the Northeast, including performing at the 2011 Boston Comedy Festival and the New York Underground Comedy Festival and co-creating the monthly comedy variety show La Comedie De Parkside at Parkside Lounge in New York before moving to Los Angeles.

Ash Louis

My Clips

5 stars
(Eugene) Patton's Speech

On June 5th, 1944 General George S. Patton gave a speech to the troops before D-Day. He did this because on June 4th, 1944 his cousin, Eugene Patton, gave this one...

5 stars
Re-enactment Home Video Theatre

Ash Louis tells a true story from his child hood, then re-enacts the home video that wasn't there to record the actual situation. This is Episode 1: The Father Who Stole Christmas.

5 stars
Rear Window 2

Ash Louis stars in a new horror movie... ish.

5 stars
Ash Louis Presents: The Zombie Apocalypse

A lot can happen in 72 hours after a zombie virus outbreak....

5 stars
Ash Louis Opening for Jon Fisch

Ash Louis plays a sweet love song to the audience while opening for comedian Jon Fisch.

5 stars
Ash Louis at New York Comedy Club

Ash Louis talks about how he wrote a book, why he wears a 'Yale' T-Shirt, why he shouldn't play Boggle, and how non-New Yorkers view New York.

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