<p>Rural Wisconsin doesn’t offer everything for building a great comic mind, but a video rental card, weekly New Yorker cartoons, and a limerick book on the top shelf were a start. Years later, Andy Ross has hit the stand-up scene with whip smart verbal humor and rolling laughter that spreads to water coolers for days. Admired for his calm command of a room and his succinct delivery, Andy recalls the great Jack Benny or Bob Newhart. Well, not completely. Let’s not get a gigantic head about it. But, he definitely has something fun to watch.<br><br>

Andy performs regularly in Chicago, where he is a founding member of Chicago Underground Comedy, a repertory of the city’s best alternative stand-ups. He also appears at the Lincoln Lodge variety show and other showcases around the city. Oh yeah, and he’s a graduate of the writing program at the renowned Second City.<br><br>

Man, he’s great.</p>

Andy Ross


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My job as a sign painter

Remember that time you taped an index card above your privates that said “Eat at Red’s”? That was classic.

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