Andy Haynes is a comedian from Seattle, WA. He now lives in New York, and works as a mover, despite the fact the fact that he went to college to be not a mover. If he lied more, he’d also say writer, actor, filmmaker, and good father. He works wherever he can, but mainly at clubs, colleges, and festivals around the English speaking world.

Andy Haynes

My Clips

4 stars
I'm Sick of Bullies

Andy Haynes is sick of bullying.

3 stars

Andy Haynes takes a stand against molesters.

3 stars
Being Divorced

Andy Haynes gets divorced.

3 stars
Hipster Identification

Andy Haynes is taking it to the hipsters one mustache at a time.

3 stars
Warm Beer

Andy Haynes is looking for a warm beer and a beach he can bring sand to.

3 stars
Neighborhood Models

Andy Haynes is luring the local models with special treats.

3 stars
Tough Tacoma

Andy Haynes, a native of the Seattle area, recalls when Tacoma was a rougher town.

3 stars
Let Them Eat Cake

Andy Haynes is watching you eat that cake. Do you like it? Does it taste better when he watches you eat it? Are we still talking about cake?

4 stars
Open Relationship

Andy Haynes is open to a relationship but I don't think he's open to an open relationship anymore. That door has closed.

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