Andrés du Bouchet is a comedian based in Los Angeles, and is currently a staff writer for Conan on TBS. He is also in the midst of what is perhaps the single greatest imaginary acting career in the history of entertainment. A thunderous mega-star who prowls the pop-culture landscape like a stentorian bear/man/hurricane of whimsy, du Bouchet does not have screen or stage presence…they have “him” presence. His Hollywood Hills quadruplex boasts twice as many Oscars as bathrooms, and it has 5.25 bathrooms. The half-an-Oscar was awarded to him for a single “woah!” during a crowd scene in Martin Scorsese’s The Streets Of Argumentative Italian-Americans.

Perhaps best known for his work in the Thunderlazer series of films, and his groundbreaking performance in the Shakespearean sci-fi clone comedy Macboth, the fictional du Bouchet is pleased to join the real du Bouchet and a couple of other characters on this CD of overly-verbose, absurdist filth.

“Andrés and I cut our teeth together on the brutal NYC open-mic scene in the late 90s. Now, buy this album and let him cut your teeth!” – Ed Helms

“Andrés does a five minute rap about the genitalia of finches. And I promise, it’s even funnier than that last sentence.” – John Oliver

"Andrés is one of the funniest people I know, but to be fair, I am a shut-in." – Andy Richter

“Andres du Bouchet is one of my favorite comedians. He's magnificent and unique, and he tickles the funny bone in a place that none of his peers have been able to: right up in the marrow.” – Kristin Schaal

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