In his own words, Andre is “a true fool, born a fool, but mama didn’t raise no dummy”. Andre Gatling started doing stand-up comedy in local venues around the DC/Metro area when he was 20 years old. He has established himself as one of DC’s brightest comics with many respectable credits to his name, including:

-Jan 2008 Stand Up Competition Winner;
-Food Network/Dinner Impossible 2007; -Executive Producers/Actor of Couch Potato a Live Comedy Sketch Show, along with his longtime friend and creator of Couch Potato Chris Duncan from Second City/Chicago,
-A graduate of Matt Kazams Stand-up comedy boot camp at the DC Improv, and member of The DICSCDC Improv Comedy School Cast.

Andre, who is a native SE Washingtonian, didn't truly find himself within comedy until he started performing improv at the DC Improv under teacher/comedian Shawn Westfall. Andre writes his own material and is as original as the word can be defined. Breaking all the rules in comedy, Andre considers his material true events patterned around what he has been through and goes through in everyday life, reliving past experiences, crazy relatives, adapting to moving from the hood to suburbia and dating a half Jewish/half Black girl that hates long boat rides and wont go nowhere near an oven. He also embarks on the similarities of the so-called differences in the black and white cultures.

Andre Gatling
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