Amber Preston is a comedy seductress. Recently named one of “5 Comedians to Watch” in New York Magazine her brassy charisma and keenly honed jokecraft leave audiences powerless not to fall head over heels. From raucous roadhouses to the classiest clubs Preston’s saucy, mischievous charm captivates diehard and casual comedy fans alike.

Preston is a natural improviser whose comedy can be defined as much by the method of its creation as by its hilarious outcomes. She brings her “piddly ideas”, those small grains of nascent humor, to the stage. There she pokes, prods, and explores them, involving the audience in every step of the instinctive and spontaneous process until they emerge days, weeks, or months later as comedy pearls. Add to this a laundry list of quirky obsessions (mustaches, Hall and Oates, Hall and Oates’ mustaches), and a genuine passion for connecting and having fun with her audience and you have a recipe for true comedy excellence.

Amber Preston

My Clips

5 stars
5 stars
Going Camping

Amber Preston is easily hypnotized.

5 stars
Enjoy Life

Amber Preston has some life advice for you.

4 stars
Church as a Gym

Amber Preston has a new regimen.

5 stars
A Worthless Degree

Amber Preston's degree may be worthless, but she is not.

5 stars
5 stars

Amber Preston weighs in on the upcoming election.

5 stars
Let's Get Honest

Amber Preston bares her soul.

4 stars
4 stars

Amber Preston likes a man (or young man) with a mustache.

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