Allan Goodwin is one of the funniest and respected comics on the circuit today. Creative and lovable, Al can do any room anywhere, anytime. A comedy veteran of more than 15 years, Allan has worked in almost every area of the country on every level from corporations to house parties to bar mitzvahs. Al's strength comes from his ability to connect with people and appreciate the lighter side of their own lives through his observations and material.

Allan Goodwin

My Clips

3 stars
What is pollen?

I think we all know what pollen really is. In this clip, I don't shy away from calling a spade a spade.

5 stars
Sexual harrassment

This is why you can't smoke pot all of the time.

3 stars
Snow drive

My sister sucks at driving in the snow. I'm lucky I'm still here to tell you about it.

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